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Dining bar chair, also known as high Bar chair. With the improvement of modern young people’s aesthetic and quality of life requirements. A high bar chair that can enhance the well-being of the home is becoming more and more common.


How to achieve a stylish dining bar chair with a sense of design and adapt to different scenes can best reflect the test of design excellence and sincerity MORNINGSUN has created many remarkable bar chairs through years of well understanding of furniture design.

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The E-collection bar chair is inspired by the compass in geometry. The classic compass-shaped metal frame serves as a solid support for the entire structure. The electroplated bronze metal is delicate and smooth in color and full of texture.

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The plywood is wrapped with soft cushions, and the curvature of the backrest is slightly tilted backward, which strongly supports the back. 

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The design of the bar chair allows the feet to leave the ground, as if sitting high in the air, offering users a sense of comfort without restraint.

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The design of Tianyuan bar chair is simple and elegant. The chrome-plated metal frame is matched with a cylindrical backrest with a sense of design, which is calm and tough without losing dexterity, giving the sitter a comfortable sense of security.

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The simple and neat yet elegant shape can match a variety of life scenes; restaurant bar, coffee shop bar, bar, clear bar, hotel front desk, etc.

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D-Chair looks like a modern girl with various styles. The overhanging and unobtrusive color of the backrest adds a touch of breathing to the entire dark color design, as if it is alive.

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The curvature of the back splint conforms to ergonomics, offering people a sense of wrapping; the slightly upturned cushion supports the buttocks for a sense of security, and at the same time adds a beautiful curve shape to the entire design. The simple metal frame makes it match with any scene without being obtrusive, but full of charm.

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A chair can carry countless functions, which also contributes to the flourishing scene of the bar chair series. The industrial style is not limited to the solidity and toughness of the traditional impression, but also tenderness and delicacy. 

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This is the spirituality of the design and the brand value that MORUNING has always adhered to, wrapping the warmth and sincerity of time to create a rich and beautiful quality of life.

Post time: Jun-20-2023

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