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With the G range, French designer Alexandre Arazola worked on the duality of two design periods that had different aesthetic language and social context : the Bauhaus and the 1970s.

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G-Rang Double Seat Sofa


G-Rang single seat sofa

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G-Rang coffee table

The collection presents a modern vision of Bauhaus principles, with metal frames crafted from the geometric shapes and mathematical principles used by the Bauhaus masters.

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The aesthetic features of the times were added to the design, taking simple geometric shape as the mainstream, and incorporating the warmth and comfort of the 1970s.

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The 1970s touch is brought by the work on details, angles and usage of materials. It gives humanity and a visual attractiveness to the G range.

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In this G series, we have double seats, single seats, and matching coffee tables

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Designer’s work on the complementary of designs style brings a contemporary and timeless look.On the metal frame, we can see a logo, 3 oval rectangles.

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They represent a time-line: first one for the Bauhaus (1920s), second for the 1970s, and third one for the G range (2020s).All the details have their own importance and they bring more characters to the designs.

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The MORNINGSUN brand has always been adhering to the concept of the Bauhaus style in making products: the goal of design is people rather than products; the design must be naturally carried out with the law of customers watching.

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Therefore, we added a unique design to the single sofa in the G-series. The small side table on the side of the sofa is integrated with the sofa. It can be artificial terrazzo or natural marble, and can be matched with the sofa fabric at will. The Technological innovation brings functionality while still retaining the sense of design of the product.

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The entire G-series fully interprets the new unity of art and technology, making modern design gradually shift from idealism to realism, that is, to replace artistic self-expression and romanticism with rational and scientific ideas.

Post time: May-08-2023

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