MORNINGSUN | Modern design collides with industrial style – Yii series

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The unity of beauty and function has become a basic requirement for objects nowadays, and the ability to adapt to the infinite possibilities of space style is another test of the beauty of things. Whereas rustic furniture does not fit into a luxurious room, or brilliant lighting does not fit into a minimalist space, the Yii Series furniture adapts naturally to different spaces with a subtle form.


At the heart of MORNINGSUN is the full expression of the “industrial style” concept, which today permanently blends tradition and innovation: the skills of talented craftsmen are used to complete products created by modern technology, while the intelligence of the hands balances industrial precision with sensitivity and emotion.

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Modern and vintage-inspired, sometimes understated yet eye-catching, the Yii armchair has a distinctive industrial style that adds a classic contemporary twist to modern spaces. Rustproof, durable, easy to clean and stackable, the galvanised metal furniture is particularly useful in commercial, public and domestic environments.

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The frame of the Yii armchair is made of three-dimensional bent stainless steel tubing, and the special structural design of the chair’s back legs allows the chair to be aesthetically pleasing while still being stackable. The Yii armchair is a product of the era of mass mechanical production and the standard geometric bending design facilitates the production process, creating a beautiful chair with modern industrial manufacturing methods.

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The overall line of the Yii Series Furniture is simple, smooth and light. The seat cushion and backrest of the chair and lounge chair are made of waterproof fabric, which is detachable and easy to clean, aiming to interpret and express different places of use and allowing users to truly experience the true sense of comfort and cheerfulness that Yii brings.

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The seat as a whole is neither minimalist nor fancy in its gestures. The mental frame system of the armchair has been designed with the finest details to showcase the exquisite materials and craftsmanship while interacting with the fabric or leather upholstery sections to maintain a harmonious aesthetic in keeping with the brand’s distinctive style.

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The designer’s careful attention to detail means that the furniture in the Yii Series will fit in smoothly, whether the atmosphere is casual and relaxed or formal and serious. With a romantic touch of industrial chic, the One furniture collection is a delightful part of the space with a chic elegance.

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This chair will allow you to naturally sit back and enjoy what is in front of you. Every space is worth having because of the comfort of MORNINGSUN.

Post time: Apr-19-2023

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