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The Windsor chair has been prosperous for 300 years with its uniqueness, stability, fashion, economy, durability and other characteristics. It has been affirmed and recognized in the long history of Chinese furniture, and it still inspires the development of new Chinese furniture today.


The original Windsor chair is entirely made of solid wood, but the chassis is light in structure, not heavy enough, easy to break, and the material is single.


The founder of the MORNINGSUN started from the perspective of product structure, function, craftsmanship, and design aesthetics, and integrated the value concept of the brand’s furniture design for many years, and boldly improved the Windsor chair.

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Different from the Windsor chair made of solid wood, the Wendy chair is composed of metal round tube legs and white oak seat board imported from North America. The addition of metal elements makes the structure of the product more solid and stable, and there is no risk of cracking or deformation.

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The backrest is a stainless steel round tube made of electroplated gold or stainless steel bright. The black texture of ash wood is rough and bold, and the open lacquer process makes it feel three-dimensional. The original wood color is natural and warm, showing a simple, fresh and original beauty.

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At the same time, it can be matched with a thin cushion to meet the needs of different scenes and different climates.
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The Wendy chair has a variety of materials, and naturally integrates Nordic style soft colors, fine textures and natural textures into the design.
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Not only the careful selection of materials, the requirements of MORNINGSUN for craftsmanship are also pure and true.
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The fully disassembled design of the Wendy chair is an extreme test of the brand’s technology and workmanship, not only to meet the small enough size, but also to ensure the fit between the various parts when the metal and solid wood are combined. The slightest difference will make the product greatly discounted.
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But MORNINGSUN can always start from the product design itself, making bold breakthroughs and innovations. The details of the Wendy chair all reflect the brand’s ultimate pursuit of “design and craftsmanship”.

Post time: Jul-05-2023

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