MORNINGSUN | The beauty of the fusion of metal mesh elements and Crane coffee table

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Metal mesh was often used in protective nets, fences, and fences a long time agoThe talented French architect Dominique Perau took the lead in creatively introducing this mesh metal material into the fields of architecture, decoration, furniture, etc., creating a precedent for the wide application of large-area wire mesh.


The mesh laminate in this Crane coffee table design by MORNINGSUN is inspired by this. Abandoning the simple and practical stereotype of the coffee table as always, this Crane coffee table is connected by a chrome metal frame and a mesh laminate, matched with a log-colored countertop, which has the coolness of industrial furniture and the simplicity and rusticity of Nordic style.

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The characteristic flat metal feet of the Crane series are also used as the overall support, and the structure is stable.

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Market demand-oriented has always been the design philosophy of MORNINGSUN products. It should look good, but also be practical. Or better it improves a small problem.

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The metal handles on both sides of the coffee table are just for this purpose, and the user can easily lift it and move it to a suitable position during use. At the same time, it also increases the artistic interest of the product.

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As a coffee table, its solid wood veneer is made of natural and environmentally friendly wood wax oil, which penetrates into the interior of the wood and deeply nourishes the wood. Its light, thin, and transparent features not only retain the original texture of the wood, but also It has certain anti-corrosion and wear-resistant effects, but its disadvantage is that its hiding power is weak, so the requirements for wood selection are relatively high.

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MORNINGSUN certainly has its own strict material selection mechanism in the product production process. The uniformity of tone, paying attention to the stitching texture and direction, as well as the thickness of the paint, temperature, and humidity control, every detail can make us feel the craftsmen’s intentions.

Post time: Apr-19-2023

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