Le Casar, which is famous for its ”only uses real pulp”, has opened a new store again!This time it is in Wuhan Vientiane City.


Le Caesar’s super high requirements for the taste of pizza are also reflected in the furniture of the restaurant. This project uses the ANIE dining chair and Basket dining chair from MORNINGSUN.

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ANIE dining chair

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Basket dining chair

An excellent catering project dining chair should be able to adapt to high-frequency use and moving in bustling places.

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Inspired by French school chairs of the 1940-50s, ANIE is a superb display of sophistication and style in an industrial style.

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Meticulous metal lines, with thin and soft seat cushions and plywood backrests, and exquisite solid wood armrests fit perfectly with the metal, which not only retains the lightness of the product, but also feels the warmth of solid wood.

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Le Casar wants to provide customers with delicious food while also giving them a comfortable sitting experience, so they chose soft and easy-to-clean PU cushions instead of plywood seats.

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Basket dining chair

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Design inspired by woven baskets.The basket-shaped metal frame is composed of metal welding, which supports the full seat cushion and does not need to be fixed with screws. The buttons on the cushion directly buckle the metal, which is very convenient to disassemble.

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A piece of solid wood runs through the chair legs as an embellishment and at the same time plays a role in stabilizing the entire frame. The curvature of the seat surface and the back of this chair just fit the human body, and the appropriate sitting height brings a sense of safety with both feet landing on the ground.

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Whether it is ANIE or Basket, its simple and “unobstructed” design caters to the preferences of commercial spaces such as restaurants. It is a good choice for restaurants, cafes and commercial spaces.

Post time: May-08-2023

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