MORNINGSUN x Qingdun City International Culture and Art Shared space

QingDun JiuShi, an international cultural and art exchange space with the theme of French cuisine, craft beer, coffee and aesthetics, High-end professional design has extremely high requirements on the layout and style of the venue, including the integration of local pottery culture, furniture, tableware, decorations, music, etc. 

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Pay enough attention to the details so that customers can have a good feeling of vision and touch when dining.


This time, the Jiushi space project, which is extremely picky about product texture, chose the representative D series dining bar chairs from MORNINGSUN.

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To create a high-end sense of the restaurant, the products must be exquisite and simple.

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The D series metal dining bar chair is just enough for that. The streamlined shape is adopted in the design, making the overall look simple and elegant.The metal frame and the slightly concave splint arc subtly fit the back of the human body, giving users a full sense of wrapping.

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The brown upholstery echoes the atmosphere of the space. Make it a perfect match for any scene without being obtrusive.

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For dining bar chairs, in addition to giving the feet a sense of security in a proper position, another function is to fix the entire metal structure. The sense of the design and reasonable structure are the basic elements for a good product.

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MORNINGSUN D dining bar chairs show us the core values of the brand: design, quality and user experience. Industrial style and charming values are reflected in every detail of MORNINGSUN furniture.

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In the Jiu Shi space, various elements blend together to create a perfect urban internationalization package.

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As a leader in the catering furniture industry, MORNINGSUN always adheres to original design and pursues the ultimate manufacturing process to meet the needs of diversified and stylish catering culture, and strives to create a high-quality living space for consumers.

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Post time: Jun-13-2023

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