The KUN chair is an innovative work that MORNINGSUN respected Pierre Jeanneret.



Tracing back the temperature of time in the design is the feelings that MORNINGSUN sticks to all the way. Inspired by the material of the Pierre Jeanneret chair, the designer takes rattan weaving as the core element , injecting the brand’s eternal & warm design concept from the perspective of design, aesthetics, and craftsmanship. Which create a fashion item that not only has the temperature of time, but also satisfies the current life.

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The original solid wood and rattan weaving elements of the Chandigarh chair are preserved, and integrated with the neat and simple metal base, getting rid of the heavy sense of solidity.

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The main part of the backrest and cushion is made of finely wound natural rattan by hand, with fine texture, natural line, slightly elastic sitting feeling, and a more considerate and delicate wrapping feeling; texture holes of just the right size are breathable and cool, bringing full comfort and wonderful enjoyment.

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The rattan is surrounded by a solid wood frame. With the natural wood texture left by nature, and the fresh rattan color ,which create a sense of tranquility and tranquility. The thoughtful rounded corners have been polished by multiple hands, which make the feeling of touching smoothly and roundly;What is more, the slightly inclined backrest can better fit the curve of the human body and embrace you easily.

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It has a special shape and outstanding texture, and the details are also very delicate and impressive. The metal legs are slender but powerful, with the “V”-shaped solid wood chair body, the overall frame is stable. Stable comfort is the intimate sense of security that MORNINGSUN brings to users.

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The simple and refreshing color can be placed in a variety of space scenes without any effort. It is a perfect all-match model for a restaurant full of fireworks, a romantic and retro coffee shop, or as a daily chair that participates in home life.

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The classics are worth savoring carefully, keeping the memory of time in innovation and pioneering, writing the design story of MORUNINGSUN in paying homage to the classics, and conveying the extraordinary power of Chinese original brands. Hope to work with you to rejuvenate the classics.

Post time: Aug-23-2023

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