GAGA project

Good morning,The natural space at the fold of the holiday city!

This is one of the restaurant projects between Chinese restaurant brand GAGA and MORNING SUN commercial furniture,Rabbit dinning chairs take free leisure as a clue to find the natural context

GAGA provide a vibrant space in the city,Which extends more possibilities of the city's nature.

The inspiration of expending the garden

With the design of open mindit allows the light to flow directly into the hall,Which mades the sunlight and sight flow naturally.

With the craftsmanship of Rabbit chair and the travertine. It redefine the boundaries of materials and spaces,Convey the beauty and texture of craftsmanship.

Which have the light changed with time, and continue to explore in space.

In the modern city. Work, socializing, rest are important parts of life.

Create an "urban living room" that alternates with nature by the rattan texture of the rabbit chair and green plantsCarries all life scenes

Which made people live in a leisure space and enjoy the comfort & coziness surrounded by greenery.

The same as the concepts of GAGA

Breaking the sense of the city, using green plants to extend the natural overlapping of the entire space.Extending the greenery and nature to a deeper level. Keeping a slow life, eating well, and enjoy the sharing.

In the furniture industry, we have always maintained our original intentions, and always adhered to nature and authenticity in the process of product creation.

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