Guangzhou project

One of MORNSING SUN furniture projects in Guangzhou -Lecasar

The restaurant furniture project consists of Crane dining chairs and bar stools,

This Crane dining chair series is extremely adaptable. The Vertical lines bring people a sense of aesthetic visual symmetry. With the soft cusion and reasonable backwhich is ergonomic and match peoples back well.

While the consumer enjoy the delicacy in the restaurant at the same time, also can feel comfort in the body from Crane dining chair.

Bronzed metal finish with brown upholstery and natural wood backrestperfect match to the bright atmosphere of the restaurant.

With the development of the times, more and more young people like pizza, coffee and other western food in China.Therefore, coffee shop, Chinese and western restaurants are gradually popular in China, but also led to the demand increased of cafe chairs and bar chairs step by step.

In addition to the basic requirements of durability, the dining chairs and bar chairs are required to be long service life . The design and texture of the dining chair is one of most important thing of a store and the promotion of brand awareness.

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