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Durability is one of the most basic pursuits of MORNINGSUN. And comfort is the most straightforward narrator of a good chair.


MORUNINGSUN’s pursuit of industrial style and high quality is not only reflected in persistence, but also in pioneering. The metal bracket at the bottom of the Rock chair is in a slanted posture, which adds some unique sense of design to the simple and smooth appearance. 

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The backrest and cushion are connected by leather instead of metal brackets. The ingenious combination of materials highlights the tension of the design, giving the tough and capable industrial style a different flavor.

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The details show the quality, and the design shows the ability. The metal steel pipe structure is an “A-shaped” overall structure that is narrower at the top and wider at the bottom. 

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This design enables the backrest of the upper part to support the leaning of the human body more concentratedly, reduce the pressure on the lumbar spine of the human body, and give users a comfortable and relaxed experience; the lower part maximizes the firmness of the chair, which is strong enough to be able to Outstanding. The shiny cowhide with three metal rivets is elegant in the details.

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The embracing curved design of the backrest of the Rock chair perfectly fits the curve of the back. This is the design ratio that the designer has repeatedly considered. The backrest design perfectly conforms to ergonomics and can provide users with the most comfortable feeling of sitting.

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The thick soft backrest, cushion of the seat and leather are all crafted by sewing masters. The stitches are smooth, and they are also very textured when you look closely, increasing a bit of elegance except comfort. 

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Cotton and linen fabrics meet the requirements of breathability, wear resistance, and dirt resistance, and are not prone to static electricity. 

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The practical nature of the product endows the Rock chair with the characteristics of versatility, making it suitable for large and small commercial public spaces such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, libraries, and offices.

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The exclusive industrial style design which makes the simple and elegant appearance of Rock Chair coincide with the Nordic style. The lines with full sense of design are very neat, and the comfortable seat & backrest interpret the beauty of softness. Such designs all reflect the sincerity of MORUNINGSUN.

Post time: Jun-13-2023

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