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Born in Bordeaux, professional furniture designer Alexandre Arazola accumulated rich working experience in different design studios, galleries and companies in Europe when he was young.

He believes that sensitivity to details can have a decisive influence on furniture.


During the design process, Alexandre has always sought to push the boundaries of existing technologies and materials to their limits. Because of this, some of his designs have received many honors for their use of materials and advanced technology.

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Alpha is a product designed by Alex for the MORNINGSUN brand in his early years.

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Its design is inspired by the first letter of the Greek alphabet, a simple symbol of a new beginning. The shape of the sleek metal structure is inspired by lambda (L in Greek). The letter expressions of the Greek alphabet exhibit a design ingenuity and visual simplicity.

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So this chair is an abstract combination of the Greek alphabet. Depending on the angle from which the chair is viewed, it is not difficult to find more abstract words, letters, and even symbols.

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Viewed from the side, Alpha’s armrests are just like the λ symbol. The metal frame is like a standing person, supporting the seat board and backpack. It is only when you sit on it that you know that Alpha has gone through countless tests and adjustments during the experimental proofing process.

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Only then can a most comfortable proportion and angle be obtained. The front edge of the right-sized seat board is slightly curved, and the curvature perfectly matches the knee and elbow. The sitting depth is sufficient, and it is very friendly whether it is a small person or an over-size person.

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The λ-shaped metal tube armrest just supports the natural placement of your elbows when you sit down.

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On the back of Alpha, the designer also ingeniously designed a metal handle. At the same time, the name of Alpha is engraved on the metal sheet on the back. When a chair has a name, it is no longer a simple seat. It is partner and acquaintance that always accompany us.

Post time: Jul-22-2023

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